Hi, I'm Brendan :)

I'm a technologist, a DevOps fanatic, and speaker.

On this site, you'll find my blog, talks, and more about me.

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From bricking my first Tandy computer (sorry, Dad) to building side apps people love, I have experience tinkering and building from scratch.

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DevOps Expert

My philosophy on software delivery comes from hard-won experience in various industries. I've seen what works and what DOESN'T.

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# Bio

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# Work

My entire career, my passion has been driven by the ability to level up engineers.

Originally this was as an Engineering and Product Manager at several software companies, but more recently, I've been privileged to work on developer tooling directly at GitLab. In 2020, I changed roles to be a Developer Evangelist at GitLab.

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# Talks

Please look at some of the talks I've given. There may also be some that are still a work in progress 😉.

# Portfolio

My portfolio contains projects both past and present - and all have helped shape my experience.

# Philosophy

See my work philosophy.

# Books I ❤ī¸

See books for a list of books I love.

# Portfolio

See my portfolio for more details on past and present work.